It’s The Year 2030 ...

... The electricity tariff has just been increased to 0.55 € / kWh. While others are moaning and cursing, you sit in the sun relaxing and shrugging your shoulders. The reason for your serenity is that – back in the year 2010 – you had already been clever enough to anticipate this development. That’s why you had decided to look after your own energy generation. An excellent decision!

And everything had been so easy, since you had an experienced, reliable and competent partner by your side: The solmey GmbH. They gave you best advices and implemented your wishes and ideas in a professional manner and tailored to suit your needs:

  • Solar energy system for power generation
  • Solar thermal system for hot solar showers
  • Energy-saving LED illumination

For 20 years, you’ve already been using the free and endless energy source of our earth. For 20 years, you’ve been admired for the best and most effective investment of your life. For 20 years, you’ve been contributing to climate protection. For 20 years, you’ve been saving money every single day. And from today on, all others wish they had done the same as you!

In this sense: To a sunny future!

solmey TV-Trailer